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Faith and Dreams for Zion
by Shoshanah Weiss


The quest to return to the land of Israel has been the vision of the Jewish people since the destruction of the 2nd holy Temple in Jerusalem. Our generation has witnessed this process of its miraculous return. As we await the final redemption, our eyes turn towards this yearning to return to Zion, in our heartfelt prayers, hopes, and dreams. The Torah as a blueprint for living remains etched in our souls even if we are not totally aware of its depths. In this poetry book: Faith and Dreams for Zion, l have composed poems that treasure each of the Jewish holidays and perspectives on the land of Israel which can deepen one’s understanding of their Jewish identity.

Sample Poems

The Clouds of Jerusalem

Her eyes are blue like the sea of the Kinneret

They search the earth from between the lattices of heaven.

Her dress is billowing white and dances slowly.

Rays shine down on the gates to a city that adorns her royal attire.

Floating on air, she raises herself beyond the mundane.

The higher realms are easy to touch within the skies above.

The white stones, hold the tears, that ascend into the midnight mist.

Ancient walkways are sheltered by her doves of glory.

Healing rains reign down to shower blessings from on high.

Revealing the rungs of her ladder that lead to the gates of *gan eden.

*gan eden - Garden of Eden

Longing for Redemption

The land breathes holy vibrations with soul roots,

Deep wells of eternal connections.

Fibers are sown into the stony ground from the beginning of time.

Electric energies pulsating upward, counter the energies pouring down from above.

All sown, from the sinews of a nation that is threading itself back together again.

Patches of colorful quilt squares, symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel.

After the winter rains the pink and red flowers erupt into the landscape.

Almond trees blossom in unison by the side of the winding roads.

The smooth stone steps take me on adventures, to dig for ancient treasures.

Call to your people to return to your palace chambers.

Lighten their heavy burdens and memories of travail.

Free the flock on your eager pathways.

Let the gates open again to bring back the remnants of Israel, on eagle’s wings.

Shabbat: The Source of our Strength

Shopping and cleaning.

Kneading the dough for Challah.

Chopping vegetables and baking the chickens.

Investing our strength to prepare for the seventh day.

Breaking in time and space.

We come face to face with part of the next world.

Putting our worries and our work aside.

Recognizing the source of our universe.

Remembering the creation of the world each week.

Time to end and start anew.

Lighting the candles, we usher in a new radiance.

Welcoming the gifts of the Sabbath queen.

She brings us an additional soul.

This adds energy and power to our night and day.

Blessing the Kiddush wine we sip in blessings from on high,

Our singing can lift the table off the ground

The weekly parsha gives us life lessons to glean from.

They are our true current events.

It is a mitzvah to rest on this day.

Our sleep is heavier.

Our extra *neshamah gives us endurance and strength.

Drinking in the essence of the day,

For a few moments we transcend to heaven.

*neshamah-means soul