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Self-Publishing is Affordable - Rewarding Process 
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Poetica Publishing Company is mostly interested in designing poetry, prose and short story collections. 

Our editorial staff is friendly, experienced and professional. Together, editors and authors, design the manuscript and cover. We offer many publishing options: paper quality, off-white or all white paper, three book sizes, hard copy manuscript conversion to digital files, copy editing and proofreading, perfect binding, full color cover, FREE publicity, author's website for purchases and publicity, manuscript registration (ISBN# and Bar Code), and one FREE copy to review and approve before print. Additional services are available based on personal preference and level of energy to self-promote. As with self-publishing, authors keep all rights and royalties. If self-publishing is your choice, contact the publisher to discuss options: 

Poetry Chapbooks Offer: Up-To 30 Pages Total
Any subject by all poets (U.S. shipping only)
2018-2019 Special Offer

Welcome Poets;

Our printing company is offering an attractive discount
for collections up-to 30 pages total. This offer is for well crafted,
edited and ready-to-print manuscripts. Editors and authors
design the cover--with author’s choice of art image.
Authors retain all rights to their work, noted in the copyright page.
Promotion is FREE of charge to our 8K+ confirmed subscribers
and via social media pages. Interested poets are
encouraged to submit manuscript/s for a review:

Manuscript must be ready for print: 

manuscript saved in Time New Roman #11,
completely edited, poems in the order of choice,
final title, acknowledgment page (optional), 
table of contents, about the author page, 
introduction to the collection (optional),
back cover review/s or introduction by the author.

Authors hold all rights to their work
and keep all royalties--publishing 
agreement is signed before print.

Fees and What's Included:

$100.00 set-up design by editors
$8.00 Per Copy - min.50 copies + shipping cost.
Suggested retail $12.95 Per Copy
ISBN# & Bar Code Optional ($125.00)
Editing Review Optional ($2.00 per page)
Web-Page for Purchases Optional ($125.00)
All-white Paper for Manuscript 
Off-White Paper Optional ($35.00)
5.5 x 8.5" Final Book Size
Perfect Binding Style

Full Color Cover - No fee
Cover Image - No Fee
Cover Art and Design - No fee
Promotion to 8K Verified Subscribers - No Fee
Book Release Announcement Flyer - No Fee
Promotion on Our Social Media Pages - No Fee

Interested and serious poets, please submit 
your manuscript for our review, please use 
the SUBMITTABLE form option (not by email).

Thank you for considering Poetica Publishing.
Michal Mahgerefteh, Manging Editor

We offer many payment options:
weekly payments, credit card payment (3% fee),
money order, cashier check.