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Self-Publishing is Affordable - Rewarding Process 

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Poetica Publishing Company is mostly interested
n designing poetry collections.... but not limited to.

Our editorial staff is friendly, experienced and professional. Together, editors and authors, design the manuscript and cover. We offer many publishing options: paper quality, off-white or all white paper, three book sizes, hard copy manuscript conversion to digital files, copy editing and proofreading, perfect binding, full color cover, FREE publicity, author's website for purchases and publicity, manuscript registration (ISBN# and Bar Code), and one FREE copy to review and approve before print. Additional services are available based on personal preference and level of energy to self-promote. As with self-publishing, authors keep all rights and royalties. If self-publishing is your choice, contact the publisher to discuss options: 

Our Authors

Most of our authors are memoir writers, they publish books to share with family and friends, usually in time for special occasion, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Editors work closely with the authors, making the process inspiring and meaningful, so much that many return to publish additional books with Poetica, such as Mordecai Rosenfeld - four essay collections; Jane Ellen Edwards - four poetry chapbooks; Alan Toltiz - two poetry collections; Shari Cohen - two inspirational books set to music; Norman Chansky - four poetry collections; Hank Fisher two poetry collections; and many others. Each author has a unique vision for their book, realistic expectations based on their level of energy to self-promote, and a budget. Learn about our authors, visit them in the AUTHORS page.

Promote Then Publish

Before thinking to publish a book, committed writers share information about their intent to publish a book on social media pages, with local writing groups at open mic and workshops, often discuss the process at literary events, and on their BLOG and website. Writers create an email list of local writers, teachers, libraries, book stores, family and friends, preparing for the book announcement. Successful promotion is based on the authors' energy to self promote and realistic expectations. Editors will create a colorful promo eFlyer - No Fee! Shared with over 7K confirmed subscribers. Establish your author presence online, start building your network early. 


A beautiful and attractive newsletter is designed for each book and shared with our 7K confirmed subscribers. What's included in the announcement: front cover image,
BIO with author's photo, book reviews, introduction, sample works, purchase information. Social media announcement on Poetica's Instagram page: cover image, author's BIO, about the collection, and a link to purchase information. Optional (fee): one-page colorful eflyer to share with family and friends via email and on social media pages. Not all authors are interested in publicity... a growing number of authors are interested only in eBook to share with family and friends via email, while others publish in print to mail signed copies to family and friends, submit copies for reviews, submit copies to awards, and read from a hard copy at literary events. Among other options... discuss your vision for your book with the publisher.

Know Your Audience

If the book is centered on a specific experience, start thinking about the organizations and groups that might be interested in having you as a guest speaker. For example, if the book is centered on mental health, plan to release your book during May Mental Health Awareness Month... There are many Month Long Observances on the calendar, match your book to the appropriate month and contact the organization for a solo reading. Here is the complete list of Month Long Observances.

Acknowledgment Page - Validate Individual Works

Writers planning to publish a book are encouraged to submit individual works to literary magazines for possible publication, and / or, to literary awards. This step is very important for self-published books. The acknowledgment page is included right after the copyright page in the collection - readers review the list of magazines and awards... a first strong impression about the author's writing style and commitment to the craft. And more, authors actively submit their manuscript for book reviews, share their plan to publish a book on social media, basically promoting the book before approaching a publisher. For a list of magazines and awards, visit www.NewPages.com. There are many groups on Facebook sharing open call for submissions and awards, search under "Call for Submissions" in the groups section. 

Authors' Website

New authors are more interested in offering their hard copy books and eBooks (PDF download) in their own websites where additional information is included: reviews, introduction, list of awards and publications, additional images, sample works from the book, full biographical information, other books by the author, art by the author if also an artist, and so much more. Well worth the investment for ultimate exposure.

Kindle Version V. eBook PDF Download

Authors are sharing that books offered on Kindle or Nook are sold for only 0.99 and often 0.00 for free download... this option is very frustrating for the authors because the exposure is very limited, not many own / use the devices. The perfect solution is to offer the books as eBook (PDF download), can be downloaded to any device, with a potential to reach worldwide readers. eBooks are offered on the author's website between $3.00 to $5.00 per download. How easy and rewarding is that! The eChapbooks have a front page cover design. 

Editing / Proofreading - Know the Difference 

To create an enjoyable process, always submit to the publisher a well edited and ready for print manuscript. We offer proofreading: "proofreading is usually the correction of grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors in a text. Our of courtesy, proofreaders may sometimes also point out problems of structure, vocabulary, and consistency usage whose correction belongs to copyediting." Book editors help the author rewrite their work, improve pacing, characters, plot, sentence structure, make sure the writing is clear and effective. *****Create a faster process by submitting to the editors a well edited manuscript... Thank you!

Copyright Page / ISBN#

Poetica Publishing is noted in the copyright page as the publisher, also noted on the back cover and in all promotional material. ISBN# is included and noted in the copyright page and on the back cover with the bar code. Writers interested in registering their books with the Library of Congress, should visit the guidelines and register their books before submitting the full manuscript to Poetica. Not all authors are interested in ISBN#, consider. 

Book Size / Orders

Poetica offers two book sizes (but not limited to...) 5.5" x 8.5 and 6" x 9" - books over thirty-six pages will be printed in perfect bind style with spine wording, any collections under thirty-six pages will be printed in saddle type. Minimum orders 50 / Average orders: 100 - 125 copies. Book Size Suggestion: Poetry 5.5" x 8.5" / Essays and Prose 6" x 9" . We are flexible - contact the editors to discuss option.

Converting Handwritten Material to Digital

It is common nowadays for writers to handwrite in a journal, on napkins, on sticky notes, on note pads, and even use a typewriter... but when thinking about publishing a book, all the handwritten material must be converted to digital files. In addition, a few senior authors sent us photo copies of published literary works, dated back to the 80s and 90s, that also needed to be converted to digital files. Our lovely Natalie Rose is our typesetting editor and she has worked closely with the authors to convert the files accurately: language, punctuation, format. It's a slow process with rewarding results, Your Book Published Your Way!
Type of Paper

Our books are printed on a all-white paper, 30% recycled, at no additional fee. Off-white paper has an additional fee and is also 30% recycled. Additional options are available for recycled paper, contact the editors to inquire about paper options. Before print, authors receive one hard copy to review the cover design, text, format, and quality of paper. 

Publishing Agreement

Writers receive a book quote to review and consider, including a publishing agreement. Poetica's Publishing Agreement protects the rights of the authors and the publisher. Authors and editors work together to create an attractive collection, communicating via email and phone. Authors keep all royalties and rights. Payments are made as the editors and authors progress with the design, can be mailed by check or paid via PayPal. Payment reminders are sent via email and balance must be paid in full before print. Editors work with the authors' own paste: for some a slow paste is what they need, while others are pressed on time to publish on time for a family or literary event.