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                   Mizmor Poetry Anthology

Mizmor Anthology - Annual Poetry Collection

2020 Mizmor Edition

The editors are interested 

in spiritually engaged poetry
from a broad range of perspectives: heal, repair, transform the world.

No fee to submit
Deadline: August 15

Open for Submissions
Will be released in print
and eEdition. 

Writers included 
in this edition will receive
ONE free copy.

*No international 


International Shipping 

We deeply regret
that we no longer ship
to international addresses.
*The packages are often lost
in the receiving countries
and we
 are unable to replace
copies mailed to verified
addresses - 
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Shahpor (Ben) Mahgerefteh
is the sponsor of Mizmor
Anthology in memory of his
sister Miriam (z"l)
mother Bibi


2019 Mizmor Anthology
Poetry Collection

Selecting Editors:

David King, Michal Mahgerefteh 
and Daniel Pravda

Cover Art:

Title: "Good News"
Victor Tkachenko


Enter Here to Read the Poems

94 pages of poetry by 54 writers from
Israel, Australia, England, United States,
and B

$10.00 No Shipping
(No International Shipping)

2018 Mizmor eAnthology


David King, Daniel Pravda   
Michal Mahgerefteh
Rabbi Dr. Israel Zoberman 

Cover Art:
"Vineyard" Digital Painting
Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh 

Enter Here to Read the Poems

140 pages of poetry by 55 poets from
Israel, England, Turkey, Italy,
Tanzania, Germany, the United States,
Australia, and The Philippines. 

$10.00 no shipping
(No International Shipping)

2017 Mizmor eAnthology

Eighty pages of poetry by fifty-three writers from
Canada, Israel, South Africa, England, Australia,
and United States. This edition is released as eEdition.

Michal Mahgerefteh
David King
Daniel Pravda   

Cover Art:

Giuseppe Piermattéo 
Lyon, France
*Published with permission 

(Not Available in Print)