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                   Mizmor Poetry Anthology

Mizmor L'David Anthology

2018 Mizmor Anthology

120 Page Poetry
and Art eCollection 

The Image for the Cover
by Michal Mitak

"The Vineyard" 

Digital Painting


The editors are interested
in spiritually 
engaged poetry and art 
from a broad range of perspectives: 

heal, repair, transform the world.

Submissions are open to all
poets and artists from all
parts of the world. 

Writers included in this edition 

keep all rights to their work.

We consider submissions 

via SUBMITTABLE form, only.
Submissions via email or snail mail 

will NOT be acknowledged. 

Michal Mahgerefteh, Publisher

2017 Mizmor L'David Anthology 
Released December 2017

eBook available September 2018
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Outstanding Writers
Included in this Edition:

Sara O’Donnell Adler
Jayson Amster

Deborah Bacharach 
Amanda Ballen (South Africa)

Devon Balwit, Carol Barrett
Bruce Berger, Esther Schnur-Berlot

Bruce Black, Stephen Bluestone 
Jared Chipkin, Idan Cohen (Israel)

Patricia Coleman, Chella Courington
Allison Darcy, Morry Edwards

Aaron Fischer, Daniel Fitzpatrick
Julia Friedman (Israel), Michael Getty

Benjamin Goluboff, Ray Greenblatt, 
David Greenstone, Hanoch Guy

Shira Hereld, Michael Lee Johnson (Canada)
Babo Kamel Yoni Hammer-Kossoy (Israel)
Tali Kuhel, Yonah Lavery (Canada)

Michael H. Levin, Daniella Levy (Israel)
Donald Mender, Resa Mestel

Beth Mills, Erika Michael, David Pollard (England)
Maida Roberts, 
Bruce Robinson
Gerard Sarnat, 
Elaine Schwartz, Ken Seide

Eli Steier, Tamar Stern, David Greenstone
Erica Steinweg, 
Immanuel Suttner (Australia)
Nancy Smahl-Syrop, Dov Weinman
Ross Weissman, Jamie Wendt, 

Mantz Yorke (England)

Michal Mahgerefteh
David King
Daniel Pravda   

Cover Art:

Giuseppe Piermattéo 
Lyon, France

*Published with permission