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Lindsay Soberano-Wilson is a poet, teacher, and freelance writer who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband and three sons. Her poems and articles have appeared in journals, anthologies, and magazines, such as FreshVoices22, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Running with Scissors, Travel Thru History, Scary Mommy, Canadian Jewish News, and Poetica Magazine. Follow her on Medium, Twitter or Instagram @Poetry Matters to explore motherhood, relationships, mental health, travel, education and sex positivity. She holds a MA (English Literature) and a BEd from the University of Toronto, and a BA (Creative Writing and English Literature) from Concordia University. www.LindsaySoberano.com

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Introduction by the Author

Casa de mi Corazón: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir, is the journey of a young, Jewish Canadian woman who feels like a wandering Jewess traveling to Israel and Germany to learn more about her culture and roots. As the granddaughter of Spanish Moroccan Jewish immigrants and Romanian Holocaust survivors, this Toronto native, navigates various landscapes of the past and present through poetry, dramatic monologue and memoir to explore the diaspora, Israel, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, terrorism and Zionism. Through confronting history, she brings healing to the intergenerational trauma, while expressing the need for Jewish self-determination and hope for peace in Israel. Eventually, the search for home, leads her to discover that, whether in Israel, or in Toronto, home is where the heart is.


Book Review

In Casa de mi Corazon: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir, Lindsay Soberano-Wilson demonstrates the beauty and optimism of travel writing in both poetry and prose.   Soberano-Wilson further acknowledges the benefits and education of travel and the importance of experiences outside the safety of one's home.  The poems provide a rich comparison of modern travel to past history, maintaining a positive tone while recognizing the good and bad of Jewish history.  The author allocates her experiences as if giving gifts, not bragging but sharing, with the open-mindedness of curiosity and love, of observation and understanding.  The prose pieces further illustrate the perspective of gaining wisdom through new experience, both in terms of geography as well as identity.  Soberano-Wilson exemplifies strong, specific imagery, and she proves the wonderful impact of travels and self-rumination culminating in an outlook of hope.  Casa de mi Corazon: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir is in itself a service of luscious landscapes and a cheerful chant for a more peaceful and loving future.  

By D. L. Pearlman 
winner of the 2019 Dogfish Head Poetry Prize
Editor, Poetica Magazine

Sample Poem

Tikkun Olam


Sometimes you lock your heart inside a dank passage

you forgot you had and then you stumble upon it

~ a dusty old book ~

at once you’re hooked

to a long-forgotten oath

Is this what it means to be woke?

from a dream

a whimsical dream

like a shell of laborious protection

I was sleeping in between


I see myself in the reflection


fragmented glass

to find some spirit that goes by the name of

tikkun olam

in the shambles that tell a story from my lair

of protection

nurturing the new baby

born out of necessity

My baby

My life

My rebirth


Sounds like a mantra

of bel cantos...


Feed me before I feed you

Feed me like I feed you

Feed me too


Me. Too.



*Tikkun Olam is a belief in Jewish mysticism that
through social justice the world can be healed.



They all seem to think that they are obeying the call of duty

Don’t they know that the only duties to be called upon are

Gandhi's doctrine

Lennon’s “Imagine”

Marley’s “Redemption”


Haven’t they figured out that we are all One

and the same like

The Trinity

The Star of David

The pilgrimage to Mecca


Don’t they know that there is only One who cradles us,

But communicates to us in different scriptures.

Why don’t they know?




Excerpt from:

Kaleidoscopic Views of Toronto and Israel:
A Travel Memoir


The desert changed as swiftly as Israel’s political climate​. The desert also changed as swiftly as my viewpoint — almost like looking through a kaleidoscope. It transformed from ugly to beautiful and from beautiful to ugly right before my eyes. Some days I looked at her in disgust: the wind howled and made the windows shake. If I opened the window, hot air and mucky desert dust would blow in. While I was in Israel I could not help but realize that even the views I hold of her were surely destined to change as swiftly as the weather. Because when I looked back at the limited perspective I used to have of Israel, I knew that this time was not any different. There was still so much to learn. But, what I did know was that for a 25-year-old, I had discovered a lot. I know that nothing is black and white. I just hope that others can adopt this technique when passing judgment on Israel because too many people judge her before taking the time to get to know her.


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