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Poetica Publishing Editors

          Michal Mahgerefteh: Managing Editor

Michal Mahgerefteh is an award-winning poet and artist from Israel, living in Virginia since 1986. Her poetry has been published in many literary magazines, more recent publications:  Grey Thoughts Magazine (2021), Medicine and Meaning Magazine (University of Arkansas Medical Press, 2021), Global Voices Group Newsletter (2021), The Jewish Writing Project (2021)ARC Magazine (Israel, 2021), Verbal 2 Exhibit: Artists and Poets Collaboration (2021), Club Plum Journal (2021), Agape Review (2021), The Wild Word Magazine (2021), Eve Anthology (2021), Edify Fiction Magazine (2021), Baruch Literary Blog (2021), among others. Michal has been an active member of The Poetry Society of Virginia: served as student award judge; student award co-chair; book award chair; and webmaster. Michal is the author of four poetry chapbooks: "In My Bustan" (2009); "What's Left Behind" (2014); "Field of Harps" (2016); "Sipping Memories: A Poetic Journal to Morocco" (2018). Forthcoming collections: "The Rising Song" (2022) and "FishMoon" (2022). In her free time, Michal enjoys bike rides, hiking in West Virginia, cooking for her family and making art using 100% recycled material.

          David King: Visiting Editor

David King 
is a retired educator who has taught in public schools and colleges in numerous levels and disciplines. He has over twenty years of experience in teaching college-level English, literature, and composition as well as implementing a program in which advanced high school students enroll in freshman composition for both high school and college credit. He is active as the web editor for the Poetry Society of Virginia and a board member and Facebook editor of Friends of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Old Dominion University. Mr. King has published a book of poetry titled, This Side of Forever. His interests include studies in the Civil War, the architecture of Virginia‚Äôs Colonial Churches, Victorian Era cemeteries, bicycling, hiking, and amateur photography. He resides in a restored bungalow in Colonial Place, Norfolk, Virginia, along with his beloved wife and four rescue dogs ranging from a Scottish Terrier to Chihuahuas. He has both Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Old Dominion University, in addition to his thirty-nine years of professional teaching. He has taught classes at pre-school to college level. He offers personal editing services in grammar, style, format, and content. 

          Daniel L. Pearlman: Visiting Editor 

Daniel L. Pearlman is a native of Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA. He earned his BA in English from the University of Maryland and MFA in Creative Writing from George Mason University. He is a twenty-year veteran English teacher/professor, mostly at Norfolk State. Pearlman has also taught at H.B. Woodlawn High School in Arlington, VA, and the Muse Writers Center, and has directed writing workshops for the Poetry Society of Virginia as well as the Virginia Beach Public Library. Under his pen name, Daniel Pravda, his poetry has appeared in over forty journals, including Poetica, American Dissident, Blue Collar Review, Cedar Creek Review, Dead Mule, Hamilton Stone Review, PoetrySuperHighway, Solo Novo, Vine Leaves, and Virginia Literary Journal. His first book of poetry, A Bird in the Hand Is a Dumb Bird, was published in 2011, and he has edited text books for Kendall Hunt Publishing, including Introduction to World Literature, Rites of Passage. Pearlman has served as judge for PSV's annual student contest for years and more recently for Poetica's Rosenberg Prize. Pearlman has performed hundreds of readings, anywhere from universities to dim bars. He also fronts a rock band called The Dunes, which has released four albums, most recently Making Bad Decisions, in 2017. The band has sold in excess of 40,000 songs online and played gigs in New York, Washington, DC, Hatteras, NC, and all over Virginia. Lastly, Pearlman enjoys producing and promoting art-based benefit shows, including two in 2016: Heartsongs, a music benefit for the American Heart Association, and Food From Thought, a poetry benefit for the Foodbank. 

Alan Toltzis: Visiting Editor

Alan Toltzis is the author of 49 Aspects of Human Emotion (Poetica) and The Last ommandment (Poetica). A two-time Pushcart nominee, he has published in numerous print and online journals including, Grey Sparrow, The Wax Paper, Hummingbird, IthacaLit, North of Oxford, and Poetry NI. He also serves as a Contributing Editor for The Saturday Poetry Series in As It Ought to Be Magazine. Find him online at alantoltzis.com and follow him @ToltzisAlan. 

          Natalie Rose: Typesetting 

Natalie Rose earned BA in Finance from Old Dominion University School of Business. She is the CEO of SUN Credit Financial and a senior accountant at Capital Investments. Rose's passion is animal rights,  nature photography, making art using oyster shells, world travel, pottery, and family time. We welcome Rose as our new typesetting specialist: converting hand written manuscripts to digital files. Natalie lives in Virginia by the tranquil waters and gorgeous sunsets of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia.