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 You find an old rotary phone and answer its cry but instead of a voice, you are greeted by a swarm of bees. I find anxiety to be like that. This is a book for people who have anxiety, but also for people who don't. I like to think it's for everyone because some will feel that familiar ache of thoughts that run too fast and others will swallow lovely weird imagery as they appear.

Sample Works



I never saw myself as the dead boy in that song until I could feel the snow between my toes and the sand Stuck to my gums as pink as the dress I never saw Myself in the black slips over my shoulders and I Sigh at my prospects of being alive and thinking Again was I never both at the same time I said I Was sorry and you just looked at me


There was snow stuck to the tip of your nose.



appendages splayed as she tries to bring some semblance of herself together with desperation and ink and smears to establish a mind sitting a foot away and splashing in a silver moon river while her stretch marks laughed and flirted nearby a cluster of red specks d ott ing dott ing d o                t  t   ing dotting her eyes and her heart's ability to tease covered in black marks signs of devotion and love the skin by her nails ripped through no fault but to each her own trying to keep herself she never asked for help in fear of losing something in return that moon river.


There's a demon in your television and an angel stuck between your incisors. You bit me. The cricket pitch behind the Bowler’sArm.

I buried black lightning out there. I can’t tell you where. 



People made of stationary. Chocolate bunnies. He Who Brings The Night. 



Pretending, a good play. 



Asprig of liquid lavender on one wrist. The other. Mirror gawking. Strike it blind by such brazen behavior. The crystal bottle shook so bad. Father didn't know. Silk scarves stuffed into a small slit in the upstairs mattress. Trips to the theatre district. The lace. This was a man's world. 



Scratchings on a napkin, two hearts stuck on a soup spoon. In memories only one of them, smiling.

About the Author

Brittany Coffman is a poet and fiction writer based in New York. She’s a proud queer woman, born in the Midwest but raised in between the pages of books. Her work No I received the Pratt Institute’s BFA Thesis Prize in 2022, and she has poetry in journals such as Anti-Heroin Chic, Reliquiae, and The Last Leaves.


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