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2022 Miriam Rachimi Micro
Poetry Chapbook Prize
Winners Announced

1st Place / Read the collection
Emma Lazarus Enlightens the World
by Barbara Krasner 

2nd Place / Read the collection
Extracting Epiphany 
by Gurupreet Khalsa  

3rd Place / Read the collection
The Legendary Tomatoes of New Jersey
by Ruth Weinsten

Faith and Dreams for Zion
Poetry Collection by Shoshanah Weiss

Korban Quest
Poems by Neil Spirtas

Midnight Bus to Oaxaca
Poems by Elaine Cohen

Poetica Magazine
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The Sacrifice of Isaac
A poem series by Keith Tornheim
About the Collection

Chronicle Psychiatrist Telephone

Poems by Britt Coffman

About the Collection

The Rising Song

Poems by Michal Mahgerefteh
About the Collection

Poems by Michal Mahgerefteh
 Forthcoming 2023

In the Aftermath

Poems by Beth SKMorris

A Siddur of Grief
One Poem by Siobhana Rosenthal 
Now available  in New Zealand