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2023 Miriam Rachimi Micro
Poetry Chapbook Prize
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2nd Miriam Rachimi Prize Offered by Poetica Publishing The Miriam Rachimi Chapbook Prize is an annual award that commemorates the life and legacy of a young poet from New York who had a passion for writing concise poems on postcards, which she would often send to family and friends, and sometimes even to herself. This award, which is sponsored by the Rachimi family, recognizes exceptional chapbook manuscripts and poetry collections from emerging and established writers alike. 

Poetica Publishing's micro chapbook contest invites writers of all backgrounds and affiliations to submit collections of 10 previously unpublished poems. Manuscripts featuring a unifying theme will be given preference, while translations and simultaneous submissions are not accepted. Although individual poems within the collection may have been published in magazines, the collection as a whole must be unpublished. All entries will be carefully reviewed by the editors of Poetica Publishing.

First Place: $150.00 
Second Place: $100.00 
Third Place: $50.00 

 In the event that three manuscripts are chosen, Poetica Publishing's editors may choose to produce a print collection featuring the works of the selected winners. However, this option will only be pursued if all three winners grant permission to have their work published in print. Alternatively, if any of the winners do not wish to have their work featured in print, all winning collections will be published solely on our website. 

Up to five "Special Recognition" Award Certificates may be given. 

Submission Period: 
March 1st – May 31st, 2023

Submission fee: 
$10.00 Per Entry 

Final Selecting Editor: 
Sofia M. Starnes

How to submit:

  • Use the title of your micro chapbook as your document name.

  • The manuscript should contain one poem per page, for a total of exactly 10 poems.

  • Please include a title page and a table of contents page.

  • Please do not include an introduction or biographical information.

  • Please use Times New Roman font #11. Poems should be single-spaced.

  • We cannot accept corrections after submission.

Need to work with an editor on your manuscript, visit our editing service options HERE.

All rights revert to the author after publication. 
All entrants will be notified of the results. 

Questions: email the editors HERE
Thank you! The Editors