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                   Mizmor Poetry Anthology

2018 Mizmor Anthology

This edition will be available in print: 140 pages, full color cover, 5.5" x 8.5" book size. 

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Copyright © 2018 Poetica Publishing Company
(First Edition)

All rights reserved. The writers published in this edition retain complete copyright ownership for their own work. No part of this collection may be used or reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the copyright owner, except for reviewers who wish to quote brief passages.

2018 Mizmor Anthology
Poetry Collection 

Outstanding Writers 
Included in this Edition:

Michael Amram

Sidney Bending (Canada)

Bruce J. Berger

JoAnne Blackwelder

Eric Braude

Rose Bromberg

Anca Mihaela Bruma (Italy)

Donald Cauble

Justin Groppuso-Cook

Anna Wysocki-Cronan

Dijulimaro (Philippines)

James Gering

Jane Ellen Glasser

Carol Grannick

Jenny Griffin

Nels Hanson

Brad Jacobson

Joanne Jagoda

David James
Helga Kidder

Britta R. Kollberg (Germany)

Charlene Langfur
Michael H. Levin

Nancy Lubarsky
Chad Lutz

Julie Bloch Mendelsohn (Israel)

Alex Mirrer

Channah Moshe (Israel)

Tatenda Murigo (Tanzania)

Stephen Nielsen 

Suzanne Nielsen

Baruch November

Toti O'Brien

Joshua Sassoon Orol

Leonard Orr

Sara Robinson

Diana Rosen

Ruth Rotkowitz

Deborah Saltman (England)

Wilderness Sarchild

Richard Schiffman

Adrian Schnall

Edwin Segal

Patty Seyburn

Steven Sher (Israel)

Catherine Skinner

J. R. Solonche

Immanuel Suttner (Australia)

Yong Takahashi

Ayşe Tekşen (Turkey)

Michael Walker

Alan Walowitz

Sarah Brown Weitzman

Linda Werbner

Alecz Yeager