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                   Mizmor Poetry Anthology

2020 Mizmor Anthology - 
Available late November 2020

Outstanding writers included in this edition:

Matthew Andrews, Helen Bar-Lev (Israel), Janet Barry, 
Jenny Bates, John Brugaletta, Debra David, Lois Edstrom, 
Kate Falvey, Doris Ferleger, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, 
Pamela Gemme, Trina Gaynon, Jane Ellen Glasser, 
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Nels Hanson, Grey Held, 
Juleigh Howard-Hobson, David James, 
William Joel, 
Jacqueline Jules, Helga Kidder, Jessica de Koninck, 
Danuta Kosk-Kosicka, Carole Glasser Langille (Canada), 
John Laue, 
Charles Leggett, Sherri Levine, Joan Mazza, 
Kathleen McCoy, Michele Mekel, George Moore, (Canada), Charlene Moskal Baruch November, 
Yehoshua November, Robert Eugene Perry, Steve Pollack, 
Tamra Plotnick, Cindy Prater, David Radavich, 
Suzanne S. Rancourt, Anthony Robles, Vera Salter, Jeff Santosuosso, Ellen Sazzman, Karen Sharpe, 
Edward Supranowicz, Roberta Tovey, Robert Vivian, Elinor Ann Walker, Laura Budofsky Wisniewski, 
Joanne Jackson Yelenik (Israel), Alessio Zanelli (Italy), Lisa Zimmerman. 

Managing Editor: Michal Mahgerefteh
Selecting Editor: Alan Toltzis
Proofreader: David King

6" x 9" / 88 pages / color cover

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ψ Psalms for Contemplation

      Invitation to an Intimate Reading

      of Selections from 36 Psalms


Translations by Max D. Ticktin

Introduction by Deborah McCants
and Ruth Ticktin, Editors

Now available from the authors:
72 Pages - Full color cover
ISBN# 978-1-942051-33-6

$16.95 Per Copy
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In The Aftermath
     911 Through a Volunteer's Eyes

by Beth SKMorris (New York)

Poetry Collection

Forthcoming mid-2021

My Runaway Hourglass

Poetry Collection by Joanne Jagoda

122 Page Collection

6" x 9" Book Size

Full Color Cover

Now available directly from the author.

Signed Copies

$16.99 + $3.99 Shipping

Split The Sea
Poetry Collection by Jacob Plante

80 Page Collection

5.5" x 8.5" book size
Full Color Cover

Now available, signed copies

directly from the author:
$16.95 + $3.99 shipping

Poems and Short Stories
by Norman Chansky

This is a 528 page collection
Forthcoming September 2020
$24.95 + $4.99 Shipping

Celebrating his 90th birthday

Signed copies will be available
directly from the author

No Known Address
Holocaust Poems 

by Duane Hermmann

5.5" x 8.5"

90 Page Collection
$14.95 + $3.99 Shipping

Signed copies will be available
directly from the author. 

Now available directly from the author.

Holocaust Poems

Michal Mahgerefteh
Managing Editor


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2020 Mizmor Anthology

2020 edition
closed for submissions

Reading Period:
June 1 - August 15

Editors are currently
designing this edition.

Available late
November 2020

$8.00 per copy
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