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Self-Publishing is Affordable - Rewarding Process 
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Poetica Publishing Company is mostly interested in designing poetry, prose and short story collections. 

Our editorial staff is friendly, experienced and professional. Together, editors and authors, design the manuscript and cover. We offer many publishing options: paper quality, off-white or all white paper, standard book size, hard copy manuscript conversion to digital files, copy editing and proofreading, perfect binding, full color cover, FREE publicity, author's website for purchases and publicity, manuscript registration (ISBN# and Bar Code), and one FREE copy to review and approve before print. Additional services available based on personal preference and level of energy to self-promote. As with self-publishing, authors keep all rights and royalties. If self-publishing is your choice, contact the publisher to discuss options: 
[email protected]

Summer 2017 Offer

Here is Our Price List for Poetry Collections
(For All Others; Essays, Prose, Short Stories)
Please Contact: [email protected]

- Create Your Own Package-

Proofreading - $2.00 Per Page
(Optional but Highly Recommended)

Manuscript Layout Design - $3.50 Per Page
(Same Price for Poetry Chapbooks and Full Collections)

Cover Art - $65.00 Per Image
(shutterstock.com Search and Purchase)

Hard Copy Conversation to Digital
$3.50 per page (Natalie Rose, Editor)

Cover Design - $145.00
(Up-To Three Sample Covers)

ISBN# and Bar Code - $165.00
(Optional but Highly Recommended)

One Hard Copy Review Before Print
$65.00 Perfect Binding
$45.00 Unbind

Price Per Copy
5.5 x 8.5 $9.00 / 6 x 9 $9.50
(First Order Min. 100 Copies -
- Reorders 50 copies per order) 
Price is for All-White Paper
(For Off-White paper, Inquire)

FREE Promotion on social media
and eMail list to over 9K subscribers

WebPage for Book Sale - $175.00
(Optional and a One Time Fee)

Black & White / Color Images
$1.50 Per Image for Layout

Payments are Made
as Editors Progress
with the Design

Authors Keep All Rights and Royalties
Publishing Agreement and Offer

Manuscripts must be submitted as doc. / rtf. file,
(no PDF), proofread, book title, poems in final order

Sample Book Available For Your Review
FREE of Charge - Poetry Books
Contact: [email protected]
Michal Mahgerefteh, Publisher

We offer many payment options:
weekly payments, credit card payment (3% fee),
money order, cashier check.