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Poetry Chapbook by Lois Baer Barr

Winner of the 2013 Poetica Magazine
chapbook contest

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Released 2014

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Braiding Lives

Poetry by Sharon Lask Munson

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The Haters and the Hated:

Holocaust Poems
poems byDavid Taber

David Taber passed away on

November 27, 2014. His last wish
was to release a second collection
centered on the Holocaust.

The family of Taber introduced
the collection to family and friends
during his memorial service,
held on December 7th, 2014.

David Taber was an exceptional
poet, active until his passing. He
was 92 years old.

Essays on Growing Up Jewish
in the 1930s and '40

by Mordecai Rosenfeld



This collection has been nominated
for the best memoir collection by the
2014 Annual Jewish Book Award.


Watered Colors poetry collection by Michael H. Levin is the second place winner of the 2012 Poetica Magazine
Chapbook Contest.

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